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We have already changed the lives of so many men and women !

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Our philosophy is partnership, not assistance.

The initiative for action belongs to the villages of Kivu. They are best placed to understand their needs.

Locally-based projects

The non-profit organization ALLIANCE KIVU aims to contribute to the development of the former province of Kivu in the DRC. Since 2003, it has been working in parallel with its Congolese partner association, Alliance Kivu Congo, which knows perfectly well the region, its realities, its inhabitants, its needs, etc. This enables to support locally-rooted projects and ensure their continuity, because we always seek to make our projects self-financing.


Women's football

Alliance Kivu supports women's football.
The sports committee supervises women's football teams made up of young girls aged between 8 and 16 coming from a number of primary schools in the centre of Shabunda. 
An amazing local initiative that touches on education and gender equality.

It deserves your support a thousand times over !

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Since 2008, Alliance Kivu Congo, in partnership with Alliance Kivu Belgium, has been helping a number of families with the education of their children, thanks to funds collected from godparents.

Thanks to a small monthly donation, you can give a child the opportunity to attend school in good conditions. ​



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We are not going to change the world by seeing it. Whatever its scale, the important point is to take action. We are a small team of volunteers from diverse horizons, each bringing his or her expertise to the common project... 

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